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Custom printed t-shirts made of 100% cotton and dryfit materials, printed in traditional screen printing, sublimation printing and transfer printing.

Custom Sublimation T-shirts

Custom Dryfit T-shirt

Custom Cotton T-shirts

Custom Polo Shirts

Custom Sublimation T-shirt

Sublimation T-shirts

Sublimation T-shirts

Sublimation T-shirts

Custom Baseball Caps

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Turbo Promotion Co., Ltd., your number one source bringing colors and image recognition to your bar, restaurant, resort or sport events!

Providing custom printed t-shirts and a range of custom printed products, we’re dedicated giving you the best service turning your ideas into stunning and unique designs. Our graphic support team will help you to put your thoughts into reality!

Custom printed t-shirts made of 100% cotton and light weight dryfit, airy materials. We apply a selection of printing methods possibilities of designs printed are increased beyond simple screen printing.

Sublimation printing is applied to white or light color dryfit t-shirts with stunning results such as full photo prints and complicated, multi color design. Print colors come out sharp with vibrant colors and there is no limit of what can be printed. Best of all, no setup or block charges are required, enabling smaller print runs.

Transfer printing is applied to all other color t-shirts including dark colors, but is limited to 2 solid color prints. The results are sharp and clear prints without the usual ink run-over associated with screen printing. Again, no setup or block charges are required, enabling smaller print runs.

Custom Baseball caps
Custom printed t-shirts are classics among printed advertising products. Made of 100% cotton or dryfit material, they come in different colors for you to choose from! Logos are embroidered at the fron, bank and/or sides

are top advertising carriers for rainy days due to high visibility and of course, usefulness. With plenty of colors to choose from and large surface to print on they are truly eye-catcher.
Printing can be done again in different methods; transfer print for up to 2 colors, multiple color digital print on white surface and of course screen printing

If you are visiting us from another country, you might be concerned with import taxes to be paid when importing from Thailand. Please check out our tax waver page containing information about tax free amounts on imports.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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