Tax waver for deliveries to different countries that might involve import taxes on your purchase. Here is some information about tax waver and import tax free amounts for selected countries.

Shipments valued below AUD 1,000 (FOB) are given a duty and tax waver.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a duty free destination. No duties or taxes are collected.

Customs duty and sales tax may be payable on imports. Customs duties are generally below 10% and are assessed on the value of the Cost of the goods + Insurance + Freight (CIF value).

Sales tax is payable on imported goods although there are some exemptions. Currently, there are three rates: 5%, 10% and 15%, with the applicable rate depending on the specific goods. The tax is assessed on the CIF + duty value.

An exemption for customs duty and sales tax exists in certain limited circumstances. For shipments entering through designated international airports (KLIA, Penang) duty/tax is not applied to goods below a Free On Board (FOB) value of MYR 500 (ie the cost of the goods without international freight).

Officially set at PHP10.00 of duty amount payable. In practice shipments valued under USD 75 and under 10 kg in weight receive duty free clearance.

There is no duty payable on most products except alcohol, tobacco products, motor vehicles and petroleum products .

A Goods and Services Tax (GST), currently 7%, is imposed on the cost of the Cost of the goods + Insurance + Freight (known as the ‘CIF value’). The GST is waived if the total CIF value is below SGD 400.

Customs threshold (from which tariffs are required) JPY 10,000

Category Two: Consignments of lesser value which may include items such as:

  • Leaflets and Brochures that are imported for distribution

  • Items imported by traders as sample items (Any sample items exceeding USD50 in value and must carry a “sample” label and should not be in a resalable packaging).

  • MVR6,000 or worth less of items imported for personal consumption.

Customs threshold (from which tariffs are required) KRW 150,000 or $130 USD

2,000 yuan per transaction with an annual limit of 20,000 yuan

Limits imposed:

Now a single import purchase can only be worth a maximum of 2,000 yuan per transaction with an annual limit of 20,000 yuan per person on goods that will not be taxed. Goods that exceed these limits will be levied the full general import duty.

The spokeswoman stressed that the 20,000-yuan annual limit is the total price of goods a customer can buy on all imported e-commerce platforms, not just from a single platform.

United Arab Emirates
Shipments valued under 500 AED enter free from duty and tax.

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